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Videots: Six Favorite Sonic Zones

In the wake of the release of Sonic Mania, today’s Videots visits the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Though I’m not a gamer, I’m quite fond of the Sonic mythos and aesthetics. Who knew that a game series about a blue cartoon hedgehog in sneakers who runs really fast while thwarting the schemes of an egg-shaped …

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Videots: Favorite Street Fighter 5 Stages

Today Videots looks at Street Fighter 5. More accurately, we’ll be looking at some of the background arenas from the game. From Street Fighter‘s inception, the artwork and animations for the game have gotten progressively more intricate, detailed and beautiful, and SF5 is no exception. I like to just watch the game being played so …

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Videots: A Salute to Battle Circuit

Today Videots pays tribute to one of Capcom’s lesser known and less celebrated titles, Battle Circuit. For those who don’t know, Battle Circuit (or Batoru Saakitto as it’s known in Japan)  is an action “beat ’em up” game developed and published by Capcom for the CPS-2 arcade hardware for Japan and Europe in 1997. Taking …

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Videots: Marvel VS Capcom Stages

Today’s Videots looks at Marvel VS Capcom. For those who don’t know, Marvel VS Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes  is a crossover fighting game developed and published by Capcom. It is the third installment in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, which features characters from Capcom’s video game franchises and comic book series published by Marvel …

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Videots/The Cartoon Couch: Viva Pinata

Hey! Y’all remember Viva Pinata? For those who don’t, Viva Pinata was a 2006 life simulation game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360. The game inspired a Saturday morning TV series of the same name, which was produced by an American company, 4Kids Productions and Bardel Entertainment, a children’s animation company …

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