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Peeks: Littlest Pet Shop 2018

Last June, Hasbro canceled its’ Hub/Discovery Family Littlest Pet Shop animated series after 4 seasons, due to low toy sales. At the time, Hasbro stated that they may be rebooting the franchise some time in the future. Apparently, the future is now. Yes. In the intervening time since LPS 2012’s cancellation, Hasbro has since acquired …

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Toon Adjacent: X-Men Infinity??

OK, I know we’re both currently taking a break from superhero themed posts, but I recently came across something which I found kind of interesting. Namely, this: What appears to be a set of X-Men figurines a la Disney Infinity. I don’t know what these were actually made for; it’s doubtful these are/were specifically made …

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Toon Adjacent: Funny Company SWAG

As you know, we’re fans of 1963’s The Funny Company. While the show only ran for a single season, it was nonetheless popular enough to release some pretty sweet merchandise. Today Toon Adjacent showcases some cool Funny Company SWAG. First, this storybook entitled Super Chief in the Big City. In it, the gang goes out …

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Toon Adjacent: Funny Face

Welcome to a new segment here in Twinsanity (we told you things were starting to happen here) called Toon Adjacent–where we look at toys, products, theme park attractions, live shows and concerts, novelties and other assorted merch that are based on cartoon franchises or feature cartoon characters; not specifically animation, per se, but connected to …

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Pop Dream #3: Stacie

According to the ol’ clock on the wall…. …It’s time for another Pop Dream. -First, apologies again for the wait. I know the wait for new entries can get kind of long, and that can be annoying, but keep in mind, there are only a finite number of these and I try to space them …

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