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Unpopular Opinions: Teen Titans TAS is Silly!

Let’s talk about Teen Titans GO! for a minute.   Yeah, I know. This is a VERY polarizing series. It’s silly and nonsensical and loud and garish and seems completely inane to anyone beyond the second grade. No denying that. But what I don’t get is when people complain about TTGO! (and they do… a …

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2 Funny: The Powerpuff Girls Meet the Super Friends

After all of the negative reception surrounding Cartoon Network’s 2016 reboot of The Powerpuff Girls, I thought that we could flash back to something PPG related that people would enjoy. Here’s a CN promo that was made years ago showing a collision between the Powerpuff Girls and Hanna-Barbera’s Saturday morning cartoon Super Friends. Enjoy: Kudos …

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Cartoon Country: Who’s Got the Power? (Not the Retro-Snobs)

It has begun. Yesterday, the long-awaited and much talked about reboot of The Powerpuff Girls made its’ nationwide debut on Cartoon Network (though clips and snippets of the show have been leaked across various places on the net prior to that). Let’s examine what’s changed in Townsville since the Girls’ original series ended in 2005.The …

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Toons & Tunes: Who’s Got the Power?

Today’s Toons and Tunes is a music video that I came across on YouTube. It’s made for Cartoon Network’s reboot of The Powerpuff Girls. Relax, it’s actually an OK tune. If this is going to used in the new PPG series, I’m perfectly fine with it. Enjoy “Who’s Got the Power?”   And just for …

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Raise Your Voice (As Long As It’s Not New)!

The following is old news, I realize, but do indulge me. So undoubtedly many of you have heard or read that Cartoon Network is going to produce a reboot of The Powerpuff Girls…without the series’ creator Craig McCracken. Last June, it was announced that the new PPG series is going to have new actresses voicing …

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