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Toon Adjacent: Funny Company SWAG

As you know, we’re fans of 1963’s The Funny Company. While the show only ran for a single season, it was nonetheless popular enough to release some pretty sweet merchandise. Today Toon Adjacent showcases some cool Funny Company SWAG. First, this storybook entitled Super Chief in the Big City. In it, the gang goes out …

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2 Funny: “Electricity”

For no particular reason today’s 2 Funny focuses on electricity. First up, another installment of The Funny Company. (We like this cartoon. Deal with it.) The club’s resident genius Jasper N. Park… “I get it!” …Edutains us on how power works, in a short titled appropriately, “Electricity”.   You know, it’s a good thing this …

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The Cartoon Couch: The Funny Company

On this edition of The Cartoon Couch, we’ll be looking back at a cartoon that specialized in “edutainment”, that is, combining education with entertainment. No, that’s Schoolhouse Rock, which is (arguably) one of THE greatest edutainment cartoons of all time, but it’s far too well known to be discussed here. I’m talking about a cartoon …

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