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Cartoon Country: Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs!

So last year, I posted my initial reaction and my impressions of Warner Brothers’ latest animated Flintstones series Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs. It was originally going to be a segment of Peeks, but I switched it to Brain Candy when I learned that WB decided to cancel the series after one season instead of the two …

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Brain Candy: Yabba Dabba Done

WARNING: The post that you’re about to read is very rambly. There’s going to be a lot of zig-zagging from one subject to another and also a fair amount of sub-referencing. You’ve been warned! Hey! Do you remember that Highly Opinionated post that I made back in 2012 titled “The All New Something, Something Whatever …

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Nerdvana: Postopia

Today Nerdvana pays tribute to a little something called…Postopia.   For the uninformed, Postopia was a website full of mini-games and other goodies launched by Post cereals in the early 00’s. It focused on a quartet of school-aged kids (an African American girl named Chelsea, a studly blond Caucasian boy named Nick, a tiny Asian …

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Talkin’ Nerdy: Hot for Betty

Let’s talk for a bit about The Flintstones character Betty Rubble, shall we? For a time during the years of 1995 through 1996, the good folks at Cartoon Network seemed to be bizarrely fixated on this character for some reason. Odd cameos, references and allusions to Betty kept popping up on the channel during this …

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The All New Something, Something Whatever Show

Following from Damon’s entry on Warner Brothers’ latest revamped Tom & Jerry animated series, I got to thinking about what other former Hanna Barbera franchises could WB bring back from the abyss, if they cared enough about any H-B properties besides T&J and Scooby Doo, that is. A new take on Hong Kong Phooey might …

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