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Talkin’ Nerdy/Unpopular Opinions: DC Super Hero Girls is MY Teen Titans

An epiphany can come from the strangest places at the strangest times, can’t it? The other day last week I was watching this DC Super Hero Girls short: …And it suddenly dawned on me one reason why I like this series so much. DC Super Hero Girls is closer to the Teen Titans… …Or Teen …

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Cartoon Country: Teen Titans – Dressing Up Like Robin

Today’s Cartoon Country comes to us from Teen Titans: TAS, specifically from season 4’s “The Quest”. After getting defeated in battle by a criminal martial artist, Robin heads East to seek out additional training from the legendary “True Master”. While he’s away, the other Titans try to fill the shoes (among other things) of their …

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For Those Who Were Wishing Cartoon Network Would Make More Teen Titans

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Why Starfire is Awesome!

She’s a space alien. Alien babes are awesome by default. She’s golden. Literally. She has the strength of 8 humans. That’s more than the starting lineup of a basketball team. One word: midriff. She comes from a race which has the natural ability to fly. Take that, R. Kelly! She can really put away the …

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Why Cyborg is Awesome!

He’s the co-leader of the Teen Titans. His body is titanium body armor, so he saves a fortune on clothes. He can fire a rocket from his shoe! He’s that rare combination: a jock who’s also a mega-brain. He can lift a bus. So who needs the A-train? His father, Silas Stone, helped design Titans …

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