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Nerdvana: Sweet ‘Droid O’Mine- The Sequel

In an earlier Nerdvana, we chronicled Android’s dessert themed OS names, leading up to Android M, Marshmallow.   But what of Android’s newest OS, the mysterious Android N? After some deliberation, Android has decided on…(Drum roll, please) Nougat. Other choices, such as Nutter Butter, Nutella and Nan Khati were all considered… Someone even suggested Nerds …

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Cartoon Country: Flipping the Script – Chowder

It’s script-flipping time again! Today the show we’ll be giving the business to is C.H. Greenblatt’s Chowder. How would I fix/improve/mutate Chowder? Let’s start with the title character…. I’d make the titular character a human, specifically a girl human. There’s no reason for the character to be an anthro, and boy-centric shows are all over …

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Nerdvana: Sweet ‘Droid O’ Mine

Today’s Nerdvana celebrates 2 things we love around here: tech and desserts! Undoubtedly, you tech-savvy smartphone and PC users (i.e., infomaniacs) have noticed that all of Android’s operating systems are not only alphabetical, but are named after sweet treats. Why? Evidently, programming and designing high-tech is hungry work, which would explain the waistline¬†of the average …

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