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Nerdvana: Super Best Friends

There’s far too much animosity in the world today.   After a while, I get tired of seeing pairs of characters constantly hating each others’ guts and always being at each others’ throats. This is why today’s Nerdvana takes the opposite approach and pays tribute to some of my favorite besties in fiction. Today we …

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Peeks: DC Super Hero High Special Trailer

For weeks now, we’ve been watching the webtoons of DC Super Hero Girls and have been asking “When the heck is Supergirl going to show up? And when is Barbara Gordon going to put on the suit and become Batgirl?!?” Well, it looks like our requests will finally be answered. Warner Brothers Animation and DC …

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Cartoon Country: Early Impressions of “DC Super Hero Girls”

  Back in April, Twinsanity did a Peeks on the DC Super Hero Girls initiative, a new franchise devoted to ‘girl power’ and female empowerment, which just got under way this fall. Now that we’ve seen some of it, I figured I’d give you all my early thoughts on what we’ve seen so far. I’ll …

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Peeks: DC Super Hero Girls

Are you a fan of Girl Power? Of course you are. Well, it looks like Detective Comics is jumping aboard the Girl Power train. Introducing the DC Super Hero Girls initiative. Warner Bros. And DC Entertainment In Partnership With Mattel Launch DC Super Hero Girls, A New Super Hero Universe Designed Just For Girls, Slated …

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