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2 Funny: Low Tide – Dance Guitar Dance

One of the funnier recurring segments on the late Fuel TV sketch comedy series Stupidface was a cartoon from Mike Hollingsworth called Low Tide, detailing the simple adventures, rendered in a very simplistic art style (the characters and backgrounds looked like notebook doodles come to life), of a trio slacker sea life buddies: Brian, an …

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2 Funny: Stupidface – Tim Hutchins in “Recycle”

Today’s 2 Funny is another skit from the late Fuel TV sketch comedy series Stupidface. Cast member Andre Hyland portrays a tool with a Bluetooth named Tim Hutchins, roaming the streets on an unsuspecting public. Enjoy “Recycle”.

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2 Funny: Stupidface – Casey & Rob at Taco Bell

Today’s 2 Funny is a sketch from the late comedy series Stupidface, which ran on the late cable/satellite channel Fuel TV. Funny thing is what’s happening in this scene is more entertaining and less hectic than what normally goes on in a Taco Bell on a Saturday night. Enjoy “Casey and Rob at Taco Bell”.

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