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Videots: Favorite Street Fighter 5 Stages

Today Videots looks at Street Fighter 5. More accurately, we’ll be looking at some of the background arenas from the game. From Street Fighter‘s inception, the artwork and animations for the game have gotten progressively more intricate, detailed and beautiful, and SF5 is no exception. I like to just watch the game being played so …

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Videots: Street Fighter Zero 3’s Amazing Announcer!

Street Fighter Zero 3 (I like that better than Alpha) has one of THE best video game announcers in the world! Listen to his golden tones in action.   -Say, I wonder what this guy looks like??

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The Retro Bin: SMES (Saturday Morning Entertainment System)

Kids love Saturday morning cartoons, and kids love video games, so wouldn’t it be great if someone made a Saturday morning cartoon based on a video game? Thankfully, someone did. Today the Retro Bin looks at SatAM video game-based cartoon shows. Shows such as The Super Mario Brothers Super Show!… ..Or Captain N: The Game …

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2 Funny: Street Fighter Red Tape

Today’s April Fool’s Day–the day for pranks, jokes and general tomfoolery. (Though for us every day is kind of like that.) In the spirit of this occasion, we present a series if vignettes by comedian Pete Holmes as a bureaucrat giving the combatants from Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 franchise the blues. Here’s Street Fighter Red …

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Videots: Norimaro – The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Today, we’re going to spend some time talking about….this guy. For those who don’t know, it’s Norimaro from Capcom’s Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter. Norimaro is an original character created and owned by Japanese comedian Noritake Kinashi (one half of the comedy duo known as “The Tunnels”) who represents neither Marvel nor Capcom. He …

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