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Videots: Six Favorite Sonic Zones

In the wake of the release of Sonic Mania, today’s Videots visits the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Though I’m not a gamer, I’m quite fond of the Sonic mythos and aesthetics. Who knew that a game series about a blue cartoon hedgehog in sneakers who runs really fast while thwarting the schemes of an egg-shaped …

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Beyond the Background: Antoine, from Zero to Hero

Today’s Beyond the Background examines the saga of one of the anthropomorphic Freedom Fighters from planet Mobius. Ah, no. Not him…. HIM. Yes, that’s right; today Beyond the Background takes a look at that kooky French palace guard coyote, Antoine D’Coolette. Yeah, I thought Antoine was another fox¬†at first. Anyways, Antoine began his career in …

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