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Nerdvana: The Tech Factor

Back in August 2016, Nerdvana looked at Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show. Specifically, we celebrated the Animal Factor, one of the specific factors that each SHS member (aka the “Squaddies”) employed to make an ideal team. Today’s Nerdvana looks at another one of said factors, The Technology Factor, aka The Tech Factor. For the uninformed, …

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Cartoon Country: Superhero City – A Visitor’s Guide

Inspired by Jason (Goldstar)’s recent Cartoon Country on The Super Hero Squad Show, I’ve decided to pay homage to one of my personal favorite aspects of SHS, its’ setting of Superhero City. First, let’s get the boring expository stuff out of the way: Although this article was indeed inspired by the Superhero City on Super …

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Talkin’ Nerdy: It’s All Freak to Me

One of Marvel Comics’ most popular and iconic franchise characters are the X-Men. Created in 1963 by writer Stan Lee and artist/co-writer Jack Kirby, and achieving mainstream success in the 1990’s thanks to their successful Saturday morning cartoon show on Fox Kids in the 1990’s, this sub-species of humans who are born with superhuman abilities and who fight …

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Nerdvana: The World of Dragon Ball

It’s time to geek out over a setting again. Today Nerdvana takes a look at the world of Dragon Ball. Time for the obligatory disclaimer: this isn’t a review. By now there have been literally dozens upon dozens of reviews, commentaries and analyses on the adventures of Son Goku and the gang, which is why …

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Cartoon Country: Teen Force in “Word Star”

Today’s Cartoon Country is about the Teen Force. -Ah, no. That’s the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Not surprised about the confusion, though; every time I’ve searched for this topic on the interwebz, these guys have come up. No, the subject of today’s Cartoon Country are in fact the Teen Force, one of the regular segments …

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