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2 Funny: “Electricity”

For no particular reason today’s 2 Funny focuses on electricity. First up, another installment of The Funny Company. (We like this cartoon. Deal with it.) The club’s resident genius Jasper N. Park… “I get it!” …Edutains us on how power works, in a short titled appropriately, “Electricity”.   You know, it’s a good thing this …

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Talkin’ Nerdy: The Power of Three

Can I ask you all a question? OK, here’s another one. Have you ever noticed how the magic number for kids’ cable channels and program blocks always seems to be three? You have the Holy Trinity of kid-vid cable/satellite channels: Nickelodeon ¬†Disney Channel and Cartoon Network Every so often, some company or studio tries to …

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2 Funny: Schoolhouse Rock Re-Imagined

This is one of the better Robot Chicken sketches. To a grammar nazi like myself, it really hits home. Here’s Schoolhouse Rock Re-Imagined. Let’s stomp out illiteracy…with combat boots!

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