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Nerdvana: Super Best Friends

There’s far too much animosity in the world today.   After a while, I get tired of seeing pairs of characters constantly hating each others’ guts and always being at each others’ throats. This is why today’s Nerdvana takes the opposite approach and pays tribute to some of my favorite besties in fiction. Today we …

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Nerdvana: Free 2B What UB

Quick question: What do DC Super Hero Girls…. …And My Little Pony… …Have in common? Well, they’re both toy franchises aimed mainly at young girls, though they’re not exclusive to them… Both take place in beautiful, picturesque, exotic locales, Metropolis and Dream Castle/Paradise Estates/Ponyville/Equestria, respectively… And both shows can teach us a thing or 2 …

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Nerdvana: Pony Tribes ‘n’ Cutie Marks

As the title suggests, today’s Nerdvana is about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Before we kick things off, a little disclaimer: this is NOT a review. I won’t be reviewing the show or any specific episodes. Why? For one thing, MLP: FiM is one of THE most reviewed shows on the internet right now, …

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Why Applejack is Awesome!

She’s cool, despite being an Earth pony and not having any special powers.* That stylin’ Stetson. She’s named after a a strong alcoholic beverage produced from apples. I’d buy that for a dollar! She’s voiced by Ashleigh Ball, doing an Ozark accent said to have been lifted from Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus. She owns and …

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Why Twilight Sparkle is Awesome!

She’s a unicorn, and unicorns are naturally cool.*  She’s purple, my favorite color. She has a big ol’ brain. Anyone who studies magic and science is OK in my book! Prior to moving to Ponyville, she was an anti-social recluse. I can relate. That mane and tail. You’ve just got to love the streaks.  She’s …

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