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Peeks: Littlest Pet Shop 2018

Last June, Hasbro canceled its’ Hub/Discovery Family Littlest Pet Shop animated series after 4 seasons, due to low toy sales. At the time, Hasbro stated that they may be rebooting the franchise some time in the future. Apparently, the future is now. Yes. In the intervening time since LPS 2012’s cancellation, Hasbro has since acquired …

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Beyond the Background: Emma Hart

This is going to be brief. Think of this as a Mini-Beyond the Background, or a Beyond the Background short. Today’s Beyond the Background is all about…this kid. For those who don’t know, this is Emma Hart, a minor character from Hasbro’s Littlest Pet Shop. Emma was a teenage girl who wanted to be a …

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Why Vinnie Terrio is Awesome!

He’s a gecko, but he doesn’t shill insurance. He’s the shortest LPS pet, but he’s got a reflex strut. His sail-fin is shaped into a Travolta-styled coif. He’s the only LPS pet who’s not a mammal. He knows the struggle of being a minority. He’s just a dancin’ fool. He’s voiced by Kyle Rideout, who …

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Cartoon Country: Littlest Pet Shop Final Season Retrospective

  Bye, Blythe. Today, Hasbro’s animated series Littlest Pet Shop (which airs on the Discovery Family channel) aired it’s last new episode of the season, and in case you haven’t heard, it’s also the last episode of the series. Yes, it’s true; Littlest Pet Shop is canceled. Roger Eschbacher, one of the series’ writers, confirms …

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Why Penny Ling is Awesome!

She’s a panda. Who doesn’t like pandas? She’s half indigo, my favorite color. She’s as cute as a fairy having a tea party with a teddy bear and a unicorn. She’s of Chinese ancestry. Anyone who’s shopped at Pier 1 knows how Eastern translates to exotic. Out of all of the Littlest Pet Shop pets, …

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