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What The Funny #11: Freakazoid is History!

It’s that time!   “Time to bust a rhyme?” “Nah, B.” “Time to suck a lime?” “Nah, B!” “Time for Gertrude Stein?” “……” No, it’s time for another What The Funny Freakazoid! episode breakdown!   -Before we start the fun, I’d like to get something off my chest: I know that productivity here has been …

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What The Funny #10: Toby Danger

I see London… I see France… I see the latest What The Funny Freakazoid! breakdown!   This one is momentous for not only being the first blog post of December (though it was originally scheduled for November…dang these holidays cause delays!), but it’s also the landmark 10th installment of What The Funny! Today’s WTF looks …

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What The Funny #9: Next Time, Phone Ahead!

NEW FREAKAZOID WHAT THE FUNNY! NEW FREAKAZOID WHAT THE FUNNY! NEW FREAKAZOID WHAT THE FUNNY!! Before we get into it, permit me to apologize for the ridiculously long delay. I had planned to get this (along with the ‘Six Favorite Sonic Zones’ Videots and the Toon Adjacent for The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera) out in …

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What The Funny #8: Office Visit

It’s the next installment of What The Funny featuring Freakazoid!   -First, apologies for the delay; I had meant to get this one out earlier this month, but I got sidetracked by a new project Jason and I are undertaking which may prove to be a big thing for us, creatively speaking, but I’ll hold …

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What The Funny #7: Mission: Freakazoid

As you may have already deduced by now, it’s time for another installment of What The Funny, spotlighting Freakazoid! Today we’ll be looking at episode 16, the third episode of season 2, Mission Freakazoid. Premise:¬†While on vacation in Vukanova, Freakazoid/Dexter’s family, the Douglases (mom Debbie, dad Douglas–yes, his name is Douglas Douglas–and Dex’s jerky brother …

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