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Talkin’ Nerdy: The Hanna-Barbera Zoo’s Big Three

Hey, I’ve noticed something about Hanna-Barbera’s roster of 1960’s ‘funny animal’ characters (hereinafter referred to as the Hanna-Barbera Zoo): Nearly all of them seemed be derived from 1 or more of the same 3 basic archetypes. You have your Big Three of: Yogi Bear …And then you have the others. Hey, kids. Did you spot …

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Talkin’ Nerdy: Furry Confusion

If you’ve been following the news for past few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly heard or read the declaration made by Japan’s Sanrio company that’s shaken up the nation: Sanrio’s mascot, Hello Kitty is NOT  a cat!! In the words of Phillip J. Fry, “I’m shocked! SHOCKED!…Well, not that shocked. The president of Sanrio goes on to …

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