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The Retro Bin: Filmation’s Ghost Busters (1975, 1986)

There’s something strange in your neighborhood. Who ya gonna call? This squad? Or this squad? Or how about this squad?? With the 2016 reboot of Columbia Pictures’ Ghostbusters looming on the horizon, today’s Retro Bin will be spotlighting the other team of spook catchers, the team that started it all. A team of paranormal hunters …

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Toons & Tunes: Mission Magic Intro featuring Rick Springfield

Before rocker Rick Springfield was wishing he had Jessie’s Girl and staffing on General Hospital, he¬†was serving duty on Saturday morning in Filmation’s SatAM toon, Mission: Magic!, which ran on ABC from 1973 to 1975. Mission: Magic! was about Miss Tickle, a schoolteacher who was a also a witch (of course she needed another job, …

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2 Funny: The Haunted Heist

Remember The Groovie Ghoulies? No? Well, how about the people over 40? Do you remember? Good. Here’s an installment of the Ghoulie get together which was weird even by this shows’ standards. A short entitled “The Haunted Heist”. Enjoy. I really wonder what the guys at Filmation stirred in their coffee.

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Talkin’ Nerdy: The Dumb Donald/Mushmouth Conundrum

NOTE: you must be over 40 years old or a classic TV buff to know what the flaming heck we’re taking about here. The character on the left is Dumb Donald from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. He’s the Cosby Kid known for being as smart as a bag of rocks and wearing a …

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