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2 Funny: Can’t Touch Me

Remember when Seth MacFarlane’s Family Guy was still funny? If you still watch Family Guy, that’s cool, but for myself, the show grew repetitious and formulaic a few years ago. Ironically, Seth MacFarlane once said in an interview that he didn’t want FG to become a zombie like The Simpsons. I think that you’re a …

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Cartoon Country/Talkin’ Nerdy: Brian Griffin & Toucan Sam — Deconstructed

In the Family Guy episode “The Thin White Line”, there was a cutaway gag in which family dog Brian is shown auditioning for the role of spokesman for Fruit Loops cereal; seated next to him is of course ‘Toucan Sam’. Then there’s the following exchange (NOTE: It’s been a while since I’ve seen the episode, …

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