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2 Funny/Toons & Tunes: MAD – That’s What Super Friends Are For

Today we have a “2-fer” (because it falls into 2 of our categories). The following sketch comes to us courtesy of the late Cartoon Network animated series MAD. It’s a musical number about the plight of being one the DC super heroes who aren’t the DC Trinity. Enjoy “That’s What Super Friends Are For”.  

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Nerdvana: Castles in the Air (aka Dee-Luxe Apartments in the Sky)

Today’s Nerdvana focuses on one of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi locations: the futuristic self-contained floating city. Two of my favorite examples of this are from the comics. From DC, we have Supertown. Though it’s official name is Celestial City, it was named Supertown by the young Gods known as the Forever People. Supertown is a vast …

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Unpopular Opinions: Superboy

OK, I know that by saying the following that I’m going to risk ticking off every fan of the Young Justice animated series, but here it is: I didn’t (and still don’t) like the YJ version of Superboy. At all. I had become a fan of Superboy (Kon EL) ever since I read the DC …

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Cartoon Country: “Weaponomics” and “Club Life”

On today’s Cartoon Country, we’ll be giving our thoughts on the latest (as of this writing) 2 installments of the DC Super Hero Girls web series, “Weaponomics” and “Club Life” (a.k.a. “Clubbing”). We’ve just finished shoveling a ton o’ snow that got dumped on out doorstep over the weekend (thanks, Winter Storm Jonas!) so these …

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DC Apparently Stands for "Don’t Chuckle"

Ever wondered why Man of Steel and the Dark Knight trilogy were so grim and joyless? Well, it would seem that, according to Drew McWeeny of Hit Fix, that that Warner Bros. has applied an interesting policy when it comes to their upcoming slate of DC comic book movies. This policy can be summed up …

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