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2 Funny: CN Bumper Double-Play

We’re ending August with not one, but two of our favorite bumpers from Cartoon Network’s past. First up, CN’s various stars split off into high-school style cliques in “Sheep in the Big Cafeteria”.   Next up, Fred Flintstone and his lunch buddies Thundarr the Barbarian (give yourself a bonus geek star if you remember that …

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2 Funny: HA! TV Comedy Network Bumpers

Hey, do you guys remember HA!? Of course you don’t. HA! was one of the first ever all TV comedy networks launched by Viacom on April 1, 1990 which later merged with rival network The Comedy Channel from HBO (launched in November 15, 1989) to become a little channel you might have heard of called Comedy Central. …

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