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Pop Dream #8: Luna and Luan

Guess what, everybody… Before we begin, I’d like to apologize for the delay. I meant to get this one out earlier this month, but I got sidetracked by another creative project that Damon and I are working on which may lead to something significant in the near future. But I don’t want to reveal too …

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Pop Dream #7: Lori and Leni

…to check the latest Pop Dream! Our look at the siblings from Nickelodeon’s animated series The Loud House continues with the two eldest Loud sisters…Lori and Leni Loud. Lori: That’s right, we’re awesome! Deal with it! Leni: “Deal”? I didn’t bring any cards. OVERVIEW At 17 years old, Lori is the oldest child of the …

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Pop Dream #6: Lincoln

Ooh! Look over here! Pop Dream is back, baby! Yes, I was so impressed by Damon’s mini series that I decided to tackle this myself. In this mini series, the show I’ll be covering is….The Loud House! If you’ve read the previous set of Pop Dreams, you already know how this goes: Pop Dream covers …

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