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Wild World of Shows: The Hilarious House of Frightenstein

Let me start by mentioning that I’m not a huge fan of horror-related stuff: monsters, ghouls, goblins, creatures and creepies. I don’t hate horror, it’s just personally not my jam. I’ve always been more into science fiction (aliens, robots, super powers and high-tech) than Gothic monster lore… …And I’m generally not into dark stuff. I …

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2 Funny: Kids in the Hall – Smokin’ On the Night Train

Hey, the first Twinsanity¬†entry of 2015. Cool. Anyway, this 2 Funny segment is a sketch from the Canadian comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. It’s a song number performed by blues musician Mississippi Gary (Mark McKinney). I know that this whole thing is one big joke, but the song itself is actually pretty darn …

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