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Is the New Boom a Bust?

Let’s wax for a bit about Boomerang, shall we? As many of you may or may not know, Boomerang, the digital tier bonus sister channel to Cartoon Network, originally launched in 2000 as a dumping ground to get CN’s older, canceled and discarded shows off the man channel in order to make room for their …

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New Boomerang Hopes and Predictions

As some of you may or may not know, the digital tier bonus channel Boomerang will be receiving a makeover this year. “Boomerang, voted the most beloved network by parents in the 2013 Harris Poll, will be programmed and marketed globally to present a line-up of classic and contemporary cartoons for consistent programming appeal to …

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Is Boomerang Worth Saving?

Let’s talk for a bit about Boomerang, shall we? Whenever I’m on message boards, invariably a thread will pop up by some hopeful tube watcher who wants to “save Boomerang”. These threads typically complain about the same things: Boomerang doesn’t show enough classic cartoons. My favorite old shows don’t air there anymore. I don’t like …

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Tooning In On Late Night

The following is a topic that was raised on the Toon Zone Forums that I’d like to address here. To avoid confusion, the original poster’s comments will be typed in italic, while mine will be typed normally. For the most part, classic cartoons are non existent on American TV. There’s plenty of channels that air …

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The REAL Reason Why Boomerang Sucks

Boomerang is in a bad place right now. There’s no denying that. The channel is badly in need of some TLC (and I don’t mean that crappy cable channel that shows reality shows about little people, toddler beauty show contestants made up like hos and women who treat their vagina like it’s a clown car.) …

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