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Cartoon Country: Critical Condition

HAPPY 2018, EVERYBODY! A new year means new Twinsanity craziness. Let’s kick off 2018 with a Cartoon Country focusing on one of my favorite Silver Age Warner Bros. characters, Animaniacs‘ old-school (really old) toon great Slappy Squirrel. First, a little back story: I originally planned to showcase 2 of my favorite Slappy Squirrel shorts as …

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Toons & Tunes: Panama Canal

I first heard this one on Kids’ WB!, on Animaniacs‘ famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) all musical episode. I wasn’t wild about a show featuring nothing but songs, as I’m generally not a fan of musicals and most of them didn’t gel with me, but I liked this particular one. I’m …

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Unpopular Opinions: No New Animaniacs!

Here’s an unpopular opinion, for you; I DON’T think there should ever be a revival of Animaniacs! It’s not that I disliked Animaniacs. Quite the opposite. I loved Animaniacs. In fact, that’s part of why I hope that Warner Brothers never attempts to revive the series. A! was one of those shows that was perfect …

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2 Funny: Please, Please, Please Get a Life Foundation

Today’s 2 Funny is a favorite segment from Animaniacs. The Warner Brothers and their sister Dot take on rabid fanboys. I keep this foundation and its’ name in mind whenever I’m confronted by hardcore fans who obsess over fictional romances and people who think that fun kids’ cartoons need to become more “adult”.   Anyone …

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Cartoon Country: Slappy Squirrel – Who’s On Stage?

Today’s Cartoon Country is an excerpt from Warner Brothers’ Animaniacs!. Specifically, the Slappy Squirrel short titled “Woodstock Slappy”. In the short, the year is 1969 (a good year for me – it’s the year I was born!) and Slappy aims to get her nephew Skippy (who in this short is full on into hippie culture) …

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