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2 Funny: The Fattest Fat Loser

Today’s 2 Funny is another sketch from Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken. A group of famous fictional fatties try to lose a few pounds and dark but wacky hyjinks ensue. ¬†Enjoy “The Fattest Fat Loser.

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Toons & Tunes: How Funky is Funky Phantom?

The late Adult Swim series Harvey Birdman, Attorney-At-Law made a career out of skewering the classic Hanna-Barbera shows and characters from the 60’s through 80’s, a little too harshly and with mixed results, some would say, but every so often a good gag managed to pop up. Here’s a bit from the show that I’ve …

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2 Funny: I Like Cheese by Loiter Squad

I give you the band/comedy troupe Loiter Squad with a unique take on a well known dairy product. Personally, I’ve always been partial to bacon, myself. Anyway, here’s “I Like Cheese”.

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