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Videots/The Cartoon Couch: Viva Pinata

Hey! Y’all remember Viva Pinata? For those who don’t, Viva Pinata was a 2006 life simulation game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Game Studios for the Xbox 360. The game inspired a Saturday morning TV series of the same name, which was produced by an American company, 4Kids Productions and Bardel Entertainment, a children’s animation company …

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Toons & Tunes: Winx Club – It’s Gonna Get a Little Crazy!

I could always take or leave Winx Club; there were some aspects of the show which I liked and others which I didn’t, and I stopped following the show regularly around season 3, but this song was one of the better things to come from the 4Kids dub of it. Unfortunately there’s no official video for …

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