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Why Big Barda is Awesome!

She’s big, all right. Her physical appearance was based on Lainie Kazan, who had recently appeared topless in Playboy. Bom-Chicka-Wow-Wow! She’s married to Mister Miracle, and in a reversal of the stereotype associated with female characters at the time of her creation, Barda is physically more powerful than her husband, Mister Miracle, and very protective of him. …

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Why Miss Martian is Awesome!

She’s a Martian. Space aliens are automatically cool. She’s the niece of J’onn J’onzz, aka The Martian Manhunter. So she got her through nepotism. What of it? She’s green, and green women are hot. This was proven years ago on Star Trek. She can fly. Her outfit resembles a Japanese schoolgirl’s sailor suit. I like …

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Why Jumpy Ghostface is Awesome!

He’s a cute bunny who’s also a formidable warrior. We like adorable things capable of kicking ass. He’s the only animal on a squad of human heroes. That’s it, boyo, climb the ladder. His weapon of choice is a jump rope. A WMD from Wham-O. His last name is the first name of a member …

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Why Grumpy Bear is Awesome!

He’s taken it upon himself to be the edgy, brooding Care Bear. He finds the other Care Bears’ bright cheerful dispositions to be just as annoying as we do. He’s turned griping into a fine art. He’s dusty blue, a nice shade. In Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot, he was voiced by Scott McNeil. He …

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Why Vixen is Awesome!

She’s among the small but eclectic number of non-white superheroes. Represent. She’s a supermodel. Hawt. She’s of native African ancestry. Foreign often translates to exotic. Catsuits, baby, catsuits. She’s one of the few female capes who’s a heroine in her own right, not just an extension of a male hero. Word, sista. Her powers are …

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