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Why Videl is Awesome!

NOTE: I will only be covering the Dragon Ball Z version of Videl; my following of and interest in┬áDragon Ball ends with Z. Dragon Ball GT sucked, and the franchise just lost its’ way after that. Dragon Ball started out as this fun comedy/adventure show set in a unique fantasy world, and it was great, …

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Why Vinnie Terrio is Awesome!

He’s a gecko, but he doesn’t shill insurance. He’s the shortest LPS pet, but he’s got a reflex strut. His sail-fin is shaped into a Travolta-styled coif. He’s the only LPS pet who’s not a mammal. He knows the struggle of being a minority. He’s just a dancin’ fool. He’s voiced by Kyle Rideout, who …

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Why Reptil is Awesome!

(NOTE: I’m only talking about the Super Hero Squad Show version.) He has the power to morph into dinosaurs. That’s win for uniqueness alone. He’s a rookie Animal Factor hero. Represent! His Sun Stone amulet is an Infinity Fractal which fell backward through time. I got my meditation crystal from a booth in front of …

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Why Penny Ling is Awesome!

She’s a panda. Who doesn’t like pandas? She’s half indigo, my favorite color. She’s as cute as a fairy having a tea party with a teddy bear and a unicorn. She’s of Chinese ancestry. Anyone who’s shopped at Pier 1 knows how Eastern translates to exotic. Out of all of the Littlest Pet Shop pets, …

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Why Sunil Nevla is Awesome!

He’s a mongoose, an animal that’s not commonly depicted in cartoons. He sports a styling teal colored coat. He’s Indian American. You’ve gotta love the accent. He dabbles in black magic. OK, it’s mostly parlor based magic tricks, but give him time. He’s got several neuroses and anxieties. I can relate. He’s not afraid to …

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