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2 Funny/Videots: Mario Power Tennis Intro

Today’s 2 Funny is the rather long but hilarious intro for the Nintendo Gamecube’s Mario Power Tennis. Bush-league baddies Wario and Waluigi are drummed out of the competition, but get some private coaching from a ‘mysterious’ benefactor. Enjoy. If we could get 1 Super Mario Bros. TV show with animation and antics like this, it …

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Videots: Street Fighter Zero 3’s Amazing Announcer!

Street Fighter Zero 3 (I like that better than Alpha) has one of THE best video game announcers in the world! Listen to his golden tones in action.   -Say, I wonder what this guy looks like??

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Videots/Ad Nausea: Gone in a Blur

Behold this ad for Blur, the badass racing video game that tried to make a name for itself by taking a thinly veiled swipe at the “lame” Super Mario Kart series by proclaiming “Race Like a Big Boy”, as if to say, “We’re the mature alternative to Mario Kart”, meant to appeal to the type …

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Videots: Seeking a Friend for the Sports Hero Team

When SNK started their King of Fighters fighting game series in 1994, with the imaginatively titled King of Fighters ’94, it became a long-running and successful franchise, and it’s not hard to see why. In some ways KOF ’94 was SNK’s equivalent to Laff-A-Lympics: a mega crossover assembling a galaxy of favorite characters alongside new …

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Videots: Favorite Fighting Game Stages

Fighting games are awesome, even a clueless gamer like myself can attest to that. However, as an artistic geek, one of my favorite elements of fighting games are the stages the bouts take place in. Often so much care and detail goes into the stages,¬†arenas and kick-ass background music of fighting games that I find …

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