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Unpopular Opinions: No New Animaniacs!

Here’s an unpopular opinion, for you; I DON’T think there should ever be a revival of Animaniacs! It’s not that I disliked Animaniacs. Quite the opposite. I loved Animaniacs. In fact, that’s part of why I hope that Warner Brothers never attempts to revive the series. A! was one of those shows that was perfect …

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Unpopular Opinions: The Incredibles 2

I feel like I’m the only person who’s not really looking forward to the announced sequel to Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not because I didn’t enjoy the first movie, quite the opposite, I thought it was great, one of my favorites, if not my all-time favorite Pixar movie, but I was …

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Unpopular Opinions: Quality VS Quantity

Over the years, there seems to be a trend towards “More is better”. hence, due largely to the success of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), the recent wave of comic book/superhero movies such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Sucking, X-Men: Overstuffed and Ninja Turtles 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold, are now trying to …

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Unpopular Opinions: Spritle & Chim-Chim

Contrary to popular opinion, I don’t hate the characters of Spritle and Chim-Chim from Speed Racer. In fact, I find them weirdly fascinating in a odd, stupid way. I know these 2 have received their fair share of vitriol from cartoon fans and stand-up comedians, but not me. It could be because I’ve always been …

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Unpopular Opinions: Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker

Here’s an unpopular opinion for ya: I liked Andrew Garfield’s portrayal of Peter Parker. No, I’m not kidding. I know a lot of Spider fans were crying blasphemy over The Amazing Spider-Man‘s┬áPeter Parker being re-imagined as a wise-cracking Sk8ter Boy, but I actually didn’t mind this take on the character. Whether Garfield’s characterization was a …

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