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TV Special Showdown: Nickelodeon’s Thanksgiving Fest

My favorite holiday is and always has been Thanksgiving. No gifts that you have to buy, no annoying carols clogging up the radio stations, all you have to do is eat and veg out in front of the TV. My kind of holiday. (If you didn’t have to put up with the family, Thanksgiving would …

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TV Special Showdown: Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family

Today’s TV Special Showdown is about Bewitched. Today TV Special Showdown looks at a Hanna-Barbera and Screen Gems collaborative produced installment of the ABC Superstar Movie from December of 1972, which aired after Bewitched had ended its’ 8-season run on ABC, entitled Tabitha and Adam and the Clown Family. M’kay. Already we’ve got a redundancy. …

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TV Special Showdown: Generation X

Think the current 20th Century Fox X-Men movieverse is the most messed up, convoluted clusterf*ck representation of the popular comic book franchise?   Yes, believe it or not (see what I did there?), before there was the First Class Trilogy or even the 2000 X-Men trilogy, there was an X-Men film which somehow managed to …

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TV Special Showdown: NBC’s Laugh Busters

On this TV Special Showdown, we’ll be looking back at a product of a bygone era. Saturday morning cartoons on the broadcast networks are rare enough these days, but today, we’ll be revisiting something even harder to find these days: the Saturday morning preview special. This will (hopefully) be the first of several SatAM preview …

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TV Special Showdown: Lollipop Dragon

Wow, 2 TV Special Showdowns in 1 month? It’s a Christmas miracle! Remember those 2 whimsical, wonderful TV specials from the late 1980’s about a kindly dragon who makes lollipops in a magical candy land? Me neither. But lets devote a TV Special Showdown to it anyway. Today we’ll be taking a gander at Lollipop …

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