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The Retro Bin: The Flintstone Comedy Hour (1972)

Today’s Retro Bin takes a look back at the CBS Saturday morning cartoon The Flintstone Comedy Hour (not to be confused with The Flintstones Comedy Show, which ran on NBC in 1980). Rather, this show ran a season after Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm, the 1st Flintstones spin off where the title duo were magically transformed from …

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The Retro Bin: Yogi’s Gang (1973)

As previously mentioned in Jason (Goldstar)’s Yogi’s Space Race review, a staple of Hanna-Barbera Studios was its’ employment of the “potpourri” show concept, namely gathering their vast and rather redundant library of star characters together in a single program, typically with them all involved in some group activity like a major sporting competition or celebrating …

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The Retro Bin : Yogi’s Space Race (1978)

In this installment of The Retro Bin, we’ll be looking back at the NBC Saturday morning series produced by Hanna-Barbera studios, Yogi’s Space Race. When George Lucas’ motion picture Star Wars became a monster hit at the box office in 1977, each of the 3 networks (this was before the creation of the FOX network, …

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The Retro Bin: The Super Globetrotters (1979)

Hello and welcome to a new segment on Twinsanity titled The Retro Bin, where we unearth a forgotten show from Toon Town’s past, examine it and basically tear it a new one. Today, we’ll be looking at a Hanna-Barbera “classic” from 1979, The Super Globetrotters. Look! Down on the court! Is it the 1992 Dream …

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