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Pop Dream #3: Stacie

According to the ol’ clock on the wall…. …It’s time for another Pop Dream. -First, apologies again for the wait. I know the wait for new entries can get kind of long, and that can be annoying, but keep in mind, there are only a finite number of these and I try to space them …

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Pop Dream #2: Skipper

Here we go¬†again! Time for another Pop Dream. -Before we commence with the silliness, I’d just like to apologize to you all for letting so much time lapse between entries. No new posts for 13 days isn’t something I wish to get into the habit of doing. Generally speaking, we try to post a minimum …

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Pop Dream #1: Barbie

I’m going to try something a little different today. This is the first installment of a new mini-series type of segment that I’ve been working on. Inspired by DiGi Valentine’s Who Dat?, I wanted to make a series of entries spotlighting some of my favorite animated characters. You may be thinking, “Don’t you already do …

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