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Nerdvana: The Animal Factor

We’re familiar with Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Show, correct? The titular Squad on that show was comprised of superheroes who each possessed a specific factor to make an ideal team. They were: Strength Factor Speed Factor Energy Factor Elemental Factor Animal Factor Technology Factor As you’ve undoubtedly noticed from my recent entries, I’ve been on …

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Nerdvana: I Wanna Be a Lifeguard

Hi, there, buckaroos! We just wanted to let you guys know that we’re still out there. I know that we haven’t posted anything in about a week, but dumb things have been happening in real life and we haven’t had as much time to devote to this site as we’d like. Nonetheless, we’re both working …

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Nerdvana: Sweet ‘Droid O’Mine- The Sequel

In an earlier Nerdvana, we chronicled Android’s dessert themed OS names, leading up to Android M, Marshmallow.   But what of Android’s newest OS, the mysterious Android N? After some deliberation, Android has decided on…(Drum roll, please) Nougat. Other choices, such as Nutter Butter, Nutella and Nan Khati were all considered… Someone even suggested Nerds …

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Nerdvana: One Night in Bangkok

Today’s Nerdvana is my favorite song from the musical Chess, as performed by Murray Head. I first saw this video on TBS’s Night Tracks and it’s stuck with me ever since. This song calls to my mind Casablanca, the Indiana Jones movies and my favorite line from author Raymond Chandler, “The night left a check that the …

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Nerdvana: Our Favorite Fictional Aliens

Today Nerdvana pays tribute to one of our favorite tropes in fiction: space aliens, those guests of ours from beyond the stars. Today we’ll be listing some our favorite fictional Visitors from Beyond. First, some ground rules: These won’t be in any particular order, so we won’t be numbering them. We’re only talking about friendly aliens …

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