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Nerdvana: The Future Still Rocks!

Last time on Nerdvana… One fateful day in the 21st century, a band of wise and powerful but kinda aggressive and brutally frank alien emissaries arrived on Earth, planning to open a chain of spaceship fueling stations on our planet; if we put a stop to the constant wars, in-fighting, prejudice and environmental abuse, they …

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Nerdvana: The Future Will Rock!

Back in May 2016, Nerdvana introduced you to the future society of Cyber City. Jason and I are big fans of Utopian futures and sci-fi stuff, so we’ve both been itching to delve further into this amazing future world, so let’s delve into the fictional events which led Earth to its’ idyllic┬álife in the distant …

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Nerdvana: Castles in the Air (aka Dee-Luxe Apartments in the Sky)

Today’s Nerdvana focuses on one of my favorite fantasy/sci-fi locations: the futuristic self-contained floating city. Two of my favorite examples of this are from the comics. From DC, we have Supertown. Though it’s official name is Celestial City, it was named Supertown by the young Gods known as the Forever People. Supertown is a vast …

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Nerdvana: Slow Dancing by Lindsey Buckingham

With Halloween just around the corner (tomorrow, in fact) I wanted to post something kind of Halloween themed, and I think I found one. I first heard this number on TBS’s Night Tracks, when ex-Fleetwood Mac member Lindsey Buckingham was promoting his solo album Go Insane. I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not, but …

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2 Funny/Nerdvana: The Wooden Song

Today’s 2 Funny is a rare treat: Dave and Gibby of the Butthole Surfers perform a live acoustic version of “The Wooden Song” from their album Independent Worm Saloon. There’s gotta be a double-entendre in there somewhere… Why is this also a Nerdvana? Despite it being what it is, I honestly like the tune. To …

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