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Quit Being So Cheap!

You know what really grinds my gears? When people on animation message boards complain endlessly about how their favorite old-school cartoon shows like The Flintstones, The Jetsons and Animaniacs aren’t airing on TV anymore, and then when I mention that many of them are available on DVD now, someone inevitably comes back with this: “People don’t …

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A Shocking Yet Simple Truism

Ahem…. You know, when you strip away all the pretense and really think about it, the cartoon Johnny Bravo was actually just a show about a guy trying to get laid. I know, right?

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Is the New Boom a Bust?

Let’s wax for a bit about Boomerang, shall we? As many of you may or may not know, Boomerang, the digital tier bonus sister channel to Cartoon Network, originally launched in 2000 as a dumping ground to get CN’s older, canceled and discarded shows off the man channel in order to make room for their …

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Saturday Morning Ain’t Dead…or Some Junk

I first read about this on Toon Zone, then again on Hobbyfan’s blog, Saturday Morning Archives. Broadcast Partners has announced the triumphant return of Saturday Morning Cartoons…sort of…in the form of a syndication block. Yeah, you might want to hold off on the Happy Dance until you get all the details. First, this 2 hour …

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Happy Trails to The Hub

Stick The Hub with a fork, ’cause it’s done. HUB NETWORK 2010-2014 For months now, there have been rumors circulating that the network was in trouble and its’ future murky, well, apparently those weren’t just rumors. Deadline reports: “The long-rumored takeover and rebranding of the children’s network is about to take place, The Wall Street …

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