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Fixing Hub Nights

As regular readers of this blog know by now, I’m not a huge fan of The Hub’s nighttime schedule, and would really like to see it revised. I’m not saying get rid of the 1980’s family sitcoms, especially since they seem to be working, I just don’t feel that The Hub should rely solely on …

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Justice League, The Movie, The Dream Casting

One reason why I’m pumped for the premiere of the new Superman movie Man of Steel on June 14th, aside from the fact that I’m a major Superman fan, is that if Man of Steel does well at the box office, then it will kick open the door for the long awaited and long speculated …

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What’s WB to Do with H-B?

This is in response to a thread topic that was started on the Toon Zone General Animation Forum. I’ll have to post my response here, for now. Why doesn’t Warner Bros reboot The Flintstones? The Flintstones is a timeless classic Hanna-Barbera¬†series and is still iconic 50 years later. They still make Fruity Pebbles cereal and …

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New Rules for Looney Tunes

Yep, it’s another post devoted to Looney Tunes. Wow, we’ve certainly been talking about Looney Tunes a lot lately, haven’t we? Well, we are long time fans of LT, and it’s in the news as of late, so let’s just roll with it. This is in response to a thread that someone created for both …

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More Hub PM Pondering

The following is in response to a thread which came up recently in the Toon Zone Entertainment Forum titled ¬†“Other Sitcoms That Should Air on The Hub”. I’m just going to post my 2 cents on the subject here. To avoid confusion, all of the posts from the thread itself will be typed in italic, …

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