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Ad Nausea: Chexmates

Howdy, y’all. Before we start with the usual merriment, a little house cleaning: I know we haven’t posted anything new in the past 13 days, but there’s no cause for alarm; we haven’t quit or gotten sick or joined a biker gang without telling you, and we certainly haven’t been smuggling unicorn manes across the …

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Ad Nausea: Eggo Breakfast Sandwich Commercial

Today, Ad Nausea looks at a somewhat curious commercial for Kellogg’s new Eggo Breakfast Sandwich.   OK, this commercial raises an obvious question, one that’s been the subject of a lot of controversy here  on the interwebz. I’m just going to drop all pretenses and address it here right now: If either or both of the …

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Ad Nausea: Marvel Visa Commercial

In the midst of the cinematic superhero boom, this ad sprang to my mind recently. This is a unique and funny spot for the Visa check card made around the early ’00’s. A lady in distress gets some assistance from a handful of Marvel superheroes! NOTE: This was before the launch of the Marvel Cinematic …

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Ad Nausea: General Mills Breakfast Cereal Makeover

If you’ve been watching kid-vid networks like Nickelodeon lately, you’ve undoubtedly noticed some new commercials for General Mills cereals such as Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Lucky Charms, Reese’s Puffs and Cookie Crisp. Apparently after nearly a century of these mascots acting out their own individual shticks in their own respective commercials, lately General Mills has opted …

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Ad Nausea/Talkin’ Nerdy: Staples Back-To-School Commercial 1996

Goldstar’s recent entry on a fairly recent Staples back-to-school ad caused me to remember this earlier Staples spot from 1996:   I get the obvious joke here, and it is a funny one, so no need to delve into that. As amusing as this spot is, there’s always been one thing about it which has always …

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