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Ad Nausea: A Universal Reach

So, recently I came across this commercial for Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida: Basically, the message that Universal Studios seems to be touting here is: “Walt Disney World is for babies! Come to Universal Studios, where things are more grown-up!” Here’s my initial reaction to that statement: “More grown-up”, huh? Really. So, Universal is trying …

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Ad Nausea: Lexus Xmas “Forgery” Commercial

This holiday season, Lexus has produced a series of ‘December to Remember’ spots depicting parents using their children as pawns to get Santa Claus to send them Lexuses (or is it Lexi?) for Christmas. The following ad, “Forgery”, is easily the weakest entry in the series, for reasons I’ll go into below. “…And a puppy?” …

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Ad Nausea/Talkin’ Nerdy: Jose Cuervo Commercial

The following is a commercial that I like. It’s an ad for Jose Cuervo about the The Rolling Stones bringing Jose Cuervo with them on their 1972 tour. Just one question, though: If this ad is supposed to be taking place in 1972, why is the song that’s being played here “Miss You” which debuted …

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2 Funny/Ad Nausea: Kalaka PSA

This is a PSA from 1974. A brief history lesson: back in the 70’s, the US was in the midst of an energy crisis, and saving gasoline was a priority, thus this spot promoting carpooling. Did you know that this spot was loosely based on Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner’s 2000 Year Old Man comedy …

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Videots/Ad Nausea: Gone in a Blur

Behold this ad for Blur, the badass racing video game that tried to make a name for itself by taking a thinly veiled swipe at the “lame” Super Mario Kart series by proclaiming “Race Like a Big Boy”, as if to say, “We’re the mature alternative to Mario Kart”, meant to appeal to the type …

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