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2 Funny: Gerry Todd & Droopy’s Good Deed

Happy Saturday Morning to Ya! Because we’re so reasonably fond of you, today’s 2 Funny is a double feature! First up, a favorite bit of ours from Canada’s legendary comedy series, SCTV. Rick Moranis gets an entire segment to shine as the original Videot. Here’s the first episode of “The Gerry Todd Show”.   -Next …

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2 Funny: Death. Taxes. Hillary

Today’s 2 Funny comes to us courtesy of CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Stephen visits the Democratic National Convention and takes a bite out of a sidewalk Philly cheese steak sandwich, resulting in an entertaining freak out. Now here at Twinsanity, we purposely avoid discussing anything political, so this shouldn’t be seen as …

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2 Funny: Summertime is Great by Three Beat Slide

Summer is my favorite season for many reasons (three of the main ones: Hot Babes, Less Clothes, ‘Nuff Said), so to commemorate this awesome season, Twinsanity presents what is probably THE most mellow summer song of all time. Here’s “Summertime is Great” by the musical trio of a suburban dad and his 2 kids, collectively …

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2 Funny: Lights Fantastic

Today’s 2 Funny is one of my favorite “one shot” Looney Tunes shorts. This one directed by the great Friz Freleng. A tribute to the light shows in Times Square/ There’s no plot or story of any kind, just a series of skits and blackout gags, but it’s still hilarious. Sometimes artists do their best …

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2 Funny: Whiners Can Be Losers

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office or a corporate or team environment has experienced that one day or meeting where their unit succeeds at getting absolutely nothing done. The Super Friends’ archenemies the Legion of Doom are having just such a day in this favorite Cartoon Network bumper from back in the day. Enjoy. …

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