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2 Funny: Space Ghost Coast to Coast – Hungry

This one’s going out to C. Martin Croker, who voiced Zorak and Moltar on Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Sadly, Mr. Croker passed away last week at age 54, so in his memory, I’m showing one of the funnier episodes of SG:C2C. Here’s “Hungry”. R.I.P, C. Martin Croker.

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2 Funny: Low Tide – Dance Guitar Dance

One of the funnier recurring segments on the late Fuel TV sketch comedy series Stupidface was a cartoon from Mike Hollingsworth called Low Tide, detailing the simple adventures, rendered in a very simplistic art style (the characters and backgrounds looked like notebook doodles come to life), of a trio slacker sea life buddies: Brian, an …

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2 Funny: CN Bumper Double-Play

We’re ending August with not one, but two of our favorite bumpers from Cartoon Network’s past. First up, CN’s various stars split off into high-school style cliques in “Sheep in the Big Cafeteria”.   Next up, Fred Flintstone and his lunch buddies Thundarr the Barbarian (give yourself a bonus geek star if you remember that …

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2 Funny: SCTV – Peter Pan Live and Poochare

On this 2 Funny, we once again revisit the awsomeness of Canada’s SCTV with a double feature. The first sketch has a performance of Devine (played by the late John Candy) as Peter Pan and film producer David Steinberg (played by Martin Short) as Captain Hook at the Melonville (the fictional city in which SCTV …

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2 Funny/Videots: Pac-Man 256 Schf@#!

Today’s 2 Funny serves double duty as a Videots, as it’s from Battle Geek Plus. The BGP gang’s rousing play of Pac-Man 256 (so named because the original Pac-Man automatically glitched out after 256 levels rather than having a true ending, as its’ programmers didn’t think anyone would actually get that far) inspires Josh Christopher …

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