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2 Funny: Wally Gator in “Alligator Liberation”

Today’s 2 Funny is one of my personal favorite Cartoon Network Shorties (the ones for Atom Ant and Droopy being the others). I’ve said this before, but I’d really like to see Turner make more of these (maybe they could be uploaded to Boomerang Online, since CN isn’t in the classic business anymore and no …

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2 Funny/Toons & Tunes: MAD – That’s What Super Friends Are For

Today we have a “2-fer” (because it falls into 2 of our categories). The following sketch comes to us courtesy of the late Cartoon Network animated series MAD. It’s a musical number about the plight of being one the DC super heroes who aren’t the DC Trinity. Enjoy “That’s What Super Friends Are For”.  

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2 Funny: Cartoon Network – Scrappy Doo Rants

This is another one of Cartoon Network’s bumpers from back in the day. This one was made in the wake of Scooby Doo’s live action movie from 2002, which would explain why Scrappy seems to feeling a tad…disgruntled.  

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2 Funny/Nerdvana: The Wooden Song

Today’s 2 Funny is a rare treat: Dave and Gibby of the Butthole Surfers perform a live acoustic version of “The Wooden Song” from their album Independent Worm Saloon. There’s gotta be a double-entendre in there somewhere… Why is this also a Nerdvana? Despite it being what it is, I honestly like the tune. To …

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2 Funny: Pablo Picasso – His Amazing Life!

Today’s 2 Funny comes to us from Michael Kupperman, the man behind Captain Marginal. It’s about…well, it’s about a minute and a half. This one really defies description; you just have to see it for yourself. Here’s Pablo Picasso – His Amazing Life!.

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