Recurring Segments

Here is a list of Twinsanity’s most popular current recurring segments:

CARTOON COUNTRY: The closest thing to a general segment we’ve got. On Cartoon Country we break down, inspect and celebrate our favorite animated shows, episodes and scenes, both past and present.

BEYOND THE BACKGROUND: We turn the spotlight on the lesser known and less celebrated cartoon characters.

THE RETRO BIN: We reach down into the murky depths of What the What to crack wise about the most outrageous, campiest and kookiest toons from animation’s past.

THE CARTOON COUCH: The flip-side of The Retro Bin, where we unearth forgotten toons which we remember fondly or thought at least had potential.

TALKIN’ NERDY: Where we nitpick and generally overthink aspects and oddities of shows which we find curious.

TV SPECIAL SHOWDOWN: We tackle the nuttiest, strangest, silliest, most unintentionally side-splitting TV specials.

AD NAUSEA: We dole out our unique opinions of notable commercials and ad campaigns.

NERDVANA: A free-form celebration of things we like. These can be about anything: a show, a song, a trope, a setting, anything, but it’s always positive. It’s groovy, baby.

VIDEOTS: Where we look at our favorite aspects of video games. Not reviews or previews, but rather our rambling thoughts on game stages, aesthetics, music and memories.

PEEKS: We give our early impressions on shows before they make their debuts.

UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: We confess views about the world of animation that may not always sit well with the general public, but hey, that’s just how we roll.

WHAT THE FUNNY: A mini-series in which we break down the most hilarious moments from our favorite comedy cartoons.

POP DREAM: Another mini-series, this one spotlighting our favorite characters from our favorite shows and franchises. We detail their appearances, personalities, funniest moments and why we like them.

TOON ADJACENT: We look at toys, merchandise, consumer products, theme park attractions, live shows, etc. which either feature cartoon characters or are based on toon franchises.

BRAIN CANDY: Abstract, non-linear, inconsequential ramblings about things and stuff. It’s junk food for the mind, hence the name.