Twinsanity is where Star Twins Jason (Goldstar) and Damon (Silverstar) Pollitt geek out over the stuff we like: cartoons, art, comedy, music, TV, commercials, video games, Saturday Morning, kid-vid, nerd trivia, whatever we feel like. We cover a wide range of media because a) it prevents us from getting burned out looking at just one thing over and over and b) we have short attention spans. We occasionally offer some insightful thoughts, commentary, analysis and opinions on animation trends and topics, but mostly we just post stupid videos, obsess over dumb unimportant stuff, make bad jokes, crack wise about cartoons and geek culture, and generally be ridiculous. Twinsanity is kind of a mash-up, but it’s also a crack-up.

Each of us typically publish a minimum of 2 posts per month, meaning you can usually count on there being at least 1 or 2 new posts within a week or 2-week period. (Sometimes when we’re really in the zone we can produce more than that, but 2 posts per month from each of us is generally the minimum requirement). So check in with us as often as possible, chances are you’ll see something new or worth reading, or ideally, both.

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