A Few Minor Adjustments

The following is NOT big news. Nothing Earth shattering to report here. This is just a quick heads-up regarding some recent adjustments that will likely be made to a few of our recurring segments in the near future.

Presently, there aren’t any plans for a new TV Special Showdown segment, but when we do write another one, the segment will likely be getting a new name. Why? Because when I first conceived TV Special Showdown, I was very much inspired by Matthew Buck’s Bad Movie Beatdown segments. However, while the segment was initially inspired by BMB, over time as it progressed, the segment became more of its own thing. The TSS segments became more smart aleck-y than angry, primarily because we both have grown weary of the “angry review” type of presentation and I never wanted to be known as a reviewer, as I don’t consider what we do on TV Special Showdown to be reviews. To me, including the word “showdown” in the segment’s name comes off as being needlessly confrontational, like I’m coming into it angry and ready to rip the special apart, which isn’t always the case. Therefore, whenever the segment resumes, it will have a new name that better reflects its current style. I haven’t decided on what exactly the new name will be just yet. One name that we’re considering is one that Damon suggested for the segment initially: A Very Special Special. I thought about calling it Prime Times, but that name sounds more like it’s about prime time TV in general. We both like the title ACME Night and I like the title of Allison Pregler’s Movie Nights!, so perhaps we could give the segments a name similar to one of those. I won’t be going back and changing the names of all the previously written Showdown segments because there’s too many of them and I am lazy. When there’s a new segment written, you’ll notice that it has a new name. Like how Videots was recently renamed Player Two Start this year or how Cartoon Country was morphed into That’s Warner Brothers!.

Toon Adjacent and Ad Nausea won’t be going anywhere, but our more recent segment idea Retroville contains elements of both. On Retroville, we plan to cover old ad campaigns, defunct store chains, theme park attractions, toy lines, that kind of thing, and so having this new segment and the 2 earlier ones floating around separately seems redundant. When we want to write something about an old commercial or a store or a collectible or something similar, we’ll cover it on Retroville.

We may be putting The Retro Bin on ice for a while, not so much because of the content, but more so due to it’s presentation. Like with TV Special Showdown, we both were very much into the “Angry Reviewer” phase when Retro Bin was launched. So much so that Damon later created an alternative “nice” version of The Retro Bin called The Cartoon Couch (which was basically the same thing, except the shows covered on Cartoon Couch were shows or ideas that we liked and would like to see more of), which has since become one of our favorite segments to write. As is the case with TV Special Showdown, there aren’t any current ideas for a new Cartoon Couch in the works, but we would like to do more of them. It’s possible that we could be combining both segments into one. However, presentation-wise, it would be closer to The Cartoon Couch than The Retro Bin. In fact, one name that Damon is currently considering to call this combined segment is The Couch, which is kind of ironic because there was an unsold Comedy Central pilot called The Couch which is what inspired the Cartoon Couch name. Again, like with TV Special Showdown, we’re not going to go back and change the names of all the previously written Retro Bin and Cartoon Couch segments because there’s too many of them and they go back too far. Once we have a new name, the segments will have that name going forward.

Just wanted you all to know this so when any of this actually happens, you won’t be surprised. Thank again for reading and staying with us.

“And we thank you for your support.”

2 thoughts on “A Few Minor Adjustments

  1. “It’s possible that we could be combining both (The Retro Bin and Cartoon Couch) segments into one. However, presentation-wise, it would be closer to The Cartoon Couch than The Retro Bin. In fact, one name that Damon is currently considering to call this combined segment is The Couch, which is kind of ironic because there was an unsold Comedy Central pilot called The Couch which is what inspired the Cartoon Couch name.”

    For a portion of yesterday I considered renaming the segment Cartoon Country, which would be doubly ironic.

    But yeah, expect the future installments of this segment (or these segments, depending on whether they should be counted as 1 segment or 2) to be more Cartoon Couch than Retro Bin in terms of style and presentation. The Retro Bin segments (especially the first installments) were very “angry review-y” and I don’t want to that anymore. I look back at some of the first Retro Bins and I feel like I might’ve been too unnecessarily snarky with them. Yeah, a lot of the shows from that era were pretty campy, but I could’ve goofed on them without totally annihilating them. Over time, I’ve come to enjoy doing the Cartoon Couch segments more because there’s no snark or ranting in them; it’s more fun without the negativity. Some of my favorite posts we’ve done in recent years have been Cartoon Couch entries, so I’d like to continue doing those. In fact, the more I think about it, I may just retire the Retro Bin concept altogether; it belongs to an earlier tradition that I’m just not feeling anymore.

    So instead of having a negative, snarky defunct cartoon segment and a positive, jokey defunct cartoon segment, we’ll just have a single jokey defunct cartoon segment with a new name; I don’t want to just keep the name Cartoon Couch because that and the Retro Bin are tangentially tied to one another and it wouldn’t feel right using one without the other, it would feel like having just half of a segment.

    Another reason for the possible dissolving of The Retro Bin is the name: we’ve recently created Retroville and having 2 segments with Retro in the name might be redundant.


  2. One potential new name for TV Special Showdown that I’ve been mulling over lately is TV Special Tonight! I got the idea from the song played over the end credits of the Futurama episode “Bender Should Not Be Allowed on TV”, which I only recently discovered was a parody of an actual song performed by the band Black Flag titled “TV Party”. I like the name of Allison Pregler’s Movie Nights! and we both the name of Cartoon Network’s newest prime time special block ACME Night, so we wanted to change the name of TV Special Showdown to something like that. I thought of Special Night, but name doesn’t roll of the tongue as well.


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