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2 Funny/Toons & Tunes: MAD – That’s What Super Friends Are For

Today we have a “2-fer” (because it falls into 2 of our categories). The following sketch comes to us courtesy of the late Cartoon Network animated series MAD. It’s a musical number about the plight of being one the DC super heroes who aren’t the DC Trinity. Enjoy “That’s What Super Friends Are For”.


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  1. silverstar

    I just had a good time trying to spot the many, many DC characters who appeared in this short, and there were a lot of them. The ones I noticed were:

    Plastic Man
    Black Lightning
    Martian Manhunter
    Black Canary
    Green Arrow
    Captain Atom
    Ted Kord (Blue Beetle II)
    Booster Gold
    Elongated Man
    Fire & Ice
    The Flash
    Kid Flash
    Jay Garrick (The Flash from Earth-2)
    Power Girl


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