Unpopular Opinions: No New Animaniacs!

Here’s an unpopular opinion, for you; I DON’T think there should ever be a revival of Animaniacs!

Animaniacs logo


“HATER! You hate Animaniacs! You hate fun!”

It’s not that I disliked Animaniacs. Quite the opposite. I loved Animaniacs. In fact, that’s part of why I hope that Warner Brothers never attempts to revive the series. A! was one of those shows that was perfect for it’s time and succeeded because of a number of specific circumstances which can’t be replicated.

Think about it; A! made the scene in 1993. This was hot on the heels of Tiny Toon Adventures. The Warner Brothers’ Silver Age was in full swing. Broadcast network weekday afternoon kids’ blocks like Fox Kids and Kids WB! were still alive and kicking. The circumstances were perfect for A! to arrive on the scene and when it did, and it was glorious. But just because it worked then, doesn’t mean that it would work now.

Some things are best left in the era in which they thrived. Does anyone want to see, say, Eek! the Cat suddenly pop back into existence so we can find out what he’s been up to for the past 2 decades?

eek the cat

I enjoyed Eek!, but I have no desire to see Eek!stravangaza updated for 21st century. The cartoon was very 1990s.

Animaniacs has been out of production for over a decade now. All of the cast and crew of the show have moved on to do other things. Does anyone honestly believe that Warner Brothers could simply bring back the original writers, directors and voice actors and simply continue at the precise point in the series where it left off?

First, a new A! would most likley have to air on Cartoon Network, since Kids’ WB! doesn’t exist anymore and WB co-owns CN with Turner Broadcasting. Does anyone remember when Cartoon Network decided to revive Dexter’s Laboratory and there were a bunch of things different about the new series and almost everyone hated it? Does anyone remember Xiaolin Chronicles?


Open a window. Something stinks in here!

I’ve seen what happened when shows like Xiaolin Showdown, Dexter’s Lab and The Powerpuff Girls got revived or rebooted, and I know that if A! were to get a revival, then same fans who’ve been whining and moaning for new A! and starting “movements” on Facebook and the like would then be carping and griping non-stop about how the new show stinks and that this new reboot ruins their memories of the original.


“I’m going to make a 10 part YouTube video about everything wrong with the Animaniacs reboot and why it fails.”

I really don’t want to see this happen with one of favorite cartoons of all time. There’s no way the show will ever be as good as it once was, even if it was revived. so I say just leave it alone and enjoy what we had.

Of course, if you’re asking me if I’d like to see Warner Brothers produce a new and original animated series with a similar level of energy, feel and creativity as Animaniacs!, then yeah, I’d be all for that.



  1. silverstar

    At the very most I could see WB taking one segment from Animaniacs and spinning it off into its’ own series a la Pinky & the Brain. For example, I could see a Slappy and Skippy spinoff where the characters engage on slapstick shorts a la Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production, but a full-blown A! revival? No, Warner shouldn’t ever try that.


  2. It’s been way too long for A! to make a revival, or even a new spinoff. I have a feeling the old staff would feel too rusty to return to their roots.


  3. silverstar

    You know, if I’m being brutally honest with myself, looking back I mainly watched A! for the Warners and Slappy, and to a lesser extent Pinky & the Brain and the Goodfeathers. I didn’t really care about the other segments.


  4. Well, it’s official; Hollywood is out of original ideas. The current mode of thinking for Hollywood executives seems to be “Why should we bother coming up with anything new when we can just revive shows from 20 years ago?” I really hope that this reboot won’t suffer the same fate as Powerpuff Girls 2016.

    That article says that producers don’t have a home for this reboot as of yet. I would have thought that Cartoon Network would have been an obvious choice, since CN is co-owned by Warner Brothers, but if CN isn’t interested in airing it, what does that say about the quality of the product?


    • Regarding your second paragraph: It’s WAY too early to announce a network just yet. It was literally just announced mere hours ago. It sounds to me like Amblin and WB are in the pre-planning stages. They can worry about a broadcast network later.


  5. silverstar

    I still think they should leave well enough alone. I hope this will at least have some of the original producers and writers working on it, otherwise why bother? The fact that Craig McCracken wasn’t going to be involved in the 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot should have been a HUGE red flag not to go ahead with ahead with it, but that series is apparently popular with kids, even though the nostalgic adults who grew up with the original hate it with a passion. Either way, this doesn’t bode well.

    I’m generally not too fond of reboots. Who exactly benefits from watching a reboot? Old fans will chase after the producers with pitchforks if they change anything, and the reboot itself truly rides on the younger viewers who will fund it; if said reboot does badly with them, then the show’s D.O.A. Why go through the stress of trying to please 2 different demographics when you can just make a new show/product and only worry about the kiddies? I say these producers should focus on making newer, original content instead of re-heating old properties that make it harder to get a following.


  6. This was in the credits for the final episode:

    Be careful what you wish for.


  7. silverstar

    I still think an Animaniacs reboot is a bad idea, but if Warner and Amblin really must do this, I’d like to make a suggestion: maybe they could swap out the less popular segments like Hip Hippos and Katie-Ka-Boom and replace them with new segments? That would keep things fresh and interesting, and give viewers something new to see so this wouldn’t just be a 100% rehash. If the producers just try to flat-out recycle everything, this reboot is just gonna get old real fast, plus some of the A! segments were limp when they were new.


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