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Toons & Tunes: Soul Coughing Groovies Double Feature

Today’s Toons & Tunes is a double play. Both of these tracks are from the band Soul Coughing, and both are from the same album, El Oso (‘The Bear’). Also, both of them have been used by Cartoon Network (and later Boomerang) for their old Groovies filler segments. First up is “Rollin'”, which is used to accompany the animation for a classic Betty Boop cartoon, complete with Koko the Clown and all.

Next up is “Circles”, the accompanying animation cleverly pokes fun at the old Hanna-Barbera tradition of looping backgrounds (i.e., the “lamp-chair-couch”) syndrome.

-Like many folks I suspect, these segments were my first introduction to Soul Coughing. To this day, I have both of these tracks on my mp3 player.


  1. Even though Soul Coughing may be long gone, you can still visit the individual members’ websites.
    The other two band members don’t have websites. Wikipedia is your best bet.


  2. So I suppose there’s no point in waiting for a follow up album, then.


    • Nah. They broke up in 1999, and their works were continually reissued since then.


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