2 Funny: The Nintendo Song

Today’s 2 Funny is another video from Il Neige (Garret Snook), this time Neige pays a rock eulogy to the ‘failing’ Nintendo franchise.

NOTE: This is done completely tongue-in-cheek; it’s amazing how many folks on the interwebz missed the joke of this video by a country mile. Remember, this is satire! Enjoy “The Nintendo Song”.

3 thoughts on “2 Funny: The Nintendo Song

  1. I saw that on CA maybe a week ago (?) and really enjoyed it.
    I wish Il Neige would start reviewing again, though. He rarely does them anymore; it seems like songs are all he does now.


    1. True dat. I’ve just discovered ‘What We Had to Watch’ (I’m late to the party, I know); IIRC, Neige hasn’t done a new one of those since his review of ‘Treasure Planet, and if one counts it, his crossover review with Spazzmaster on ‘The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie”. At least he occasionally appears on Some Jerk with a Camera.


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